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I have these tiny white spots on outer labia. Labia is swollen, red an itchy. I also have what look like cuts in inner labia. I am not sexually active.


Hi Guest,

As your not sexually active there are only a couple of things it could be.  The most likely  I can think of being, If you shave especially shaving without soap/foam you can get irritation and pimples, hairs can in grow causing what looks like a spot and can be quite sore,  or a simple blocked gland or pore can also cause pimples.  Sometimes we become intolerant to the soap, wash powder we have been using, this can make us scratch explaining the swelling and what you think are cuts.  The other main cause for non sexually active irritation is thrush.  Thrush is a yeast infection and although it can be passed from person to person can just as easily appear in a non sexually active person, either vaginally or in their mouth.  If it were either of those I would suggest switching to non perfumed soap and in the case of thrush getting your mom to buy you some canesten (I cant spell it) cream from the pharmacy, your mom will not think anything of it, so don't feel embarrassed

There are a couple of other possibilities although less common. and again do not need you to be sexually active to appear. Cysts, boils, vaginal warts, vaginal blisters.  I wont go into detail on any of these as they are probably not the cause in your case, but if you need me to I will leave some information.

I hope this helps<3