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My labia majora is red, burns, itches, stings. I have super tiny white bumps that you can only see when you look close. My vagina is occasionally itchy but not often. Mostly I'm just concerned about my outer labia. It hurts to wear jeans or anything tight. I'm only 16 and have been sexually active for about a year. The only person who I've had sex with in months has recently been tested for STDS and everything came back negative so I'm pretty sure it's not an std. I've also been to the doctor multiple times for these kind of issues in the past 6 months. First, about 6 months ago I had yeast and vaginitis, which I treated and got rid of. I was fine until about 4 months ago when my labia became very very itchy. I went to the doctor and she tested me for everything and I said I was fine. The itching continued on and off until I went and bought cortizone 10 and a femine wash that was supposed to help with irritation. These give me very temporary relief sometimes but not always. Eventually the pain was bad enough that I went back to the doctor. She tested me for yeast and it came back positive so she gave me medication, I used it for a few days until she called and said when they sent it to the lab everything came back negetive so she prescribed me a steroid which helped for a few days but eventually stopped working. My mom refuses to take me back to the doctor because she thinks I'm just a hypochondriac. About a week ago I bought jock itch medice just to try it. The last five days my entire labia has been burning to the point where it hurts to sit down. I have no idea what to do and am becoming depressed over this. I've also been using hydrocortizone and baby eczema cream but it doesn't seem to be helping. I've changed my laundry soap. body wash and shampoo, I even bought several different kinds of baby wipes. Has anyone had anything similar to this? I feel hopeless and I don't wanna continue living in pain all over the time. 

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oh I forgot to mention I've been on the Depo shot since around April and I also take St. Johns Wart (a natural anti-depressant)