I was pregnant last winter. I also had about 6 sinus infections. My Ob would wait an extra week or two before putting my on antibiotics. Through the second and third trimester I seemed to have had clogged ears that everyone said would go away after I had the baby.

I had a beautiful healthy baby girl. But the fluid never drained. My dr gave me steroids and and water pills (b/c I was retaining soo much water)...To make a long story short it is 10 months later and I still have the thumping in my left ear like someone is playing the drums and it feels slightly clogged. I have had my ears drained. The ent doesn't have much to say...besides I will probably have to just live with this. It clearly is scarificing my quality of life. I am so aggrevated all the time by this loud thumping does anyone have any suggestions?? I am going to get a ct scan but not hopeful that this will provide my ent with any solution to the problem...HELP!