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I have read many of the posts and am amazed how similar some are to my symptoms. I am a 47 y.o. male and had surgery to my left shoulder for a complete torn rotator cuff about 14 months ago. Since then I haven't been able to sleep on my left arm because my hand and fingers would get numb within a couple minutes. My left arm is always aching from my shoulder on down to my left hand. Not the same so far but read on! About 8 months ago I noticed my left thumb from the nail to the pad and left hand fore-finger joint that can be touched with my thumb had developed very thick skin. Then within a couple days it started to crack and peel leaving very thin new skin. This process is only painful when I peel it up to the good skin and the area has always been the same size on both.

I had thought that somehow it was caused from the surgery but after googling for this subject I realized it wasn't. I am worried more now! I have read how some think it is virul while others said it was caused from something in the environment. I might add I used to play guitar but stopped about three years ago. So, these digits haven't been any closer to nickle than any of my others. I will go see my Dr. but from what I read that may not help. Please, if any of you found a cure that has lasted, post something. I will be checking back often. Thanks


Any luck with Dr? I have had this issue foe years. I just started using a pomice stone when the skins begins to thicken. And use very thick lotions. But it does not stop the process just prolongs it.