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hello everyone i'm new here so i'm just going to tell you what is going on well first i don't go to the bathroom like i should number 2 i think you know what that means plus my stomach swells and i'm tired all the time no matter how much sleep i get i tried to eat right so i can go to the bathroom number 2 but it just won't happen i may use the bathroom 3 times a month its just my lower stomach that swells why???? o.O :$


Hi hon! I will tell you what a "QUACK" Said to me "Your body is just using up EVERY bit of food and that's why you don't go to the bathroom for 3 weeks at a time!!!!!" o.O Yes SHE did say that to me!!!

Meanwhile I was feeling sick to my stomach every waking moment, I was tired, headaches etc. This was until I met a great doctor who said that I am becoming toxic due to all the POOP backed up in my body! If you don't get rid of it, it just sits there! So you basically need to start cleaning house! And then keep on top of it! Don't use laxatives, they make you feel sicker and then your body isn't getting used to ridding itself of the toxins by itself!

If you can, try and do a detox cleansing, and even a colon cleansing - it is embarrassing, but it gets rid of anything in your lower colon. After this start taking Acidopholus and start drinking Green Tea, and taking Omega Oils! This has changed my life, and you know that old saying "If I can do it so can you!"? Well that is exactly right! You need to get this "c**p" out of you! Scuse the French! But it changes your life! And the reason why your stomach swells is just that, it is swollen with backed up poo and that is NOT a good thing for your body to go through! So good luck and health!