OK SO!:-) UMm I'M 20 years old and i never had these stomache problems ( i'm a female.. ) well about 6 months now or more because i let it get that far i had a period where my stomach was feeling horrible no pain etc. My stomach just didnt feel as normal as before before it was less growling etc. i did feel much more healthy too about my stomach. well due to no exercise really for about 3 years. depression etc. just staying home. thats something else but im sure this also affected my stomach overall health is important exercise what u eat is all important. i dont smoke or anything but thats something else. so yea its VERY GOOD TO CLEANSE YOUR BODY. me im spanish n i eat good i love meat i have varietys of food chicken meat rice shrimp from time to time. i tend to like expensive foods beans ew i dont eat because u know what u do eat may leave an effect on ur inside for example u know when u eat a certain type of food u may burp out the smell sometimes. Having a healthy way of living and eating is very important when i go to the bathroom its normal i usually let out what i ate quickly that night or the next day. um sometimes i dont but yet my stomach feels good but i do have these crazy noises in my belly. well i just went to gnc n picked up a colon cleanse product i picked thee original one. the have a super one but since im a 1st timer i didnt know how it would do to my body. so start with step 1.. well colon cleanse is mandatory n healthy regardless so why not. u should do a colon cleanse at least every year im planning on doing this every 6 to 7 8 months. im also going to try their other products they have cleansin products for just about everything they have HEART CLENSE definitly want to get that not a smoker but depression etc n just because its healthy i have to read what it says 1st though before i purchase it. wanna buy it THEY ALSO HAE LIVER CLEANSE! KIDNEY CLEANSE BLOOD CLEANSE PRETTY AWESOME ADRENAL CLEANSE AS WELL O.O JOINT CLEANSE SOUNDS GOOD :-)) AND PROSTATE CLEANSE.. TRY THIS OUT COLON CLEANSE FOR UR STOMACH IM ON MY WAY TO A LIGHTER WAY OF FEELING IM SURE THIS WILL WORK.. THEY EVEN DO IT AT HOSPITALS BUT THEY STICK A TUBE UP UR ASS WELL THIS IS VERY HEALTHY FOR U EITHER WAY U CHOOSE I MIGHT AS WELL EVEN DO IT AT THE HOSPITAL TOO ITS NOT EMBRASSING. ITA HEALTHY I UNDERSTAND IF MALES DONT FEEL COMFY WITH THIS BUT U DO HAVE AN OPTION BUY THE PRODUCT WELL GOOD LUCKK GOD BLESS HOPEFULLY MY TUMMY GETS BETTER:)