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I am 14 and iam uncut in my penis is kind of small in I always pop boners is this bad yes are noo


Is what bad?

"iam uncut" That is usually good

"my penis is kind of small"  You don't say how small.

"I always pop boners" What exactly does that mean? Describe precisely what happens.



Hi Guest
You are only 14 and you have several years of growth ahead of you and your penis will defiantly get bigger.
Everyone grows and develops at different rates and times and soon enough you will grow.
As far as frequent erections that is part of puberty it can happen at any time and sometimes it will happen at a really bad time. Most guys experience this and sometimes you may even think your penis has a mind of its own but it is just part of the changes you go through during puberty.
So it sounds like you are developing just as you should be and are experiencing the same things that most guys go through during puberty and there is nothing wrong and it is all perfectly normal for a guy your age.