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I have a problem when i make sex with my wife sperms come out and i produce very fast. My foreskin is still holding a bit on the panic when i open it to the last it face down a bit pulled by the foreskin can it be the problem please help me. Thank you


Well okay i am uncircumcised and i like it. i made the mistake of circumsising my son as a baby. i want to say a few important things all uncircumcised MEN SHOULD KNOW!
As NATURAL PENIS men here in the east coast of the U.S.we are OUTNUMBERED. So we need to all show woman that we are NOT dirty and ugly.HERE ARE SOME TIPS!
First off my I have gotten a surgery called Frenuloplasty. Its a small local anesthetic surgery. I got it done besuase i felt like my frenulam (under skin string connection)was a little tight and it got in the way. It helps for me to keep the under side of my head that meets the shaft clean. Some men don’t have the freunulum but are still uncut. When foreskin is pulled far back it looks like a CIRCUMSISED penis. i don’t have too much extra so i feel comfortable with it. If you have TOO MUCH SKIN id say to cut the whole thing, but not too sure on that one either the person should decide that on there own, id hate to loose all the great feeling of sensitivity. I would make the suggestion to a young man to get the FRENULOPLASTY any day. it was COVERED under my standard urologist charges threw my Health Insurance.
Secondly Clean It, no girl like a dirty smelly penis. I have a FEW mETHODS on keeping a UNCIRCUMSISED PENIS LOOKING FRESH AND CLEAN FLESHY LOOK! Use a WASH CLOTH when bathing around the foreskin and let the suds flow for a second before you run water over it. I prefer DIAL vitamin C boost body soap. it leaves a citrus taste to it. Use a small silky cloth or silky underwear to DRY AROUND THE FORESKIN. i always use the Sporty silky boxer briefs to wear and to dry. THEN right after that i pull back my skin and dry in front of a fan for a second. This helps keep you best skin tone under the flap of the foreskin.
Third use a little vitamin E oil when you masturbate. too much roll over action will dry up around the rim of the skin in its natural soft position. Lastly don’t pull it too far back very often, save it for when your intimate. Sometimes i pull it back when i pee for the couple a second s when peeing..