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Im 20 years old, and my penis is uncircumsiced. Im virgin, and I met a gal. Shes my girlfriend now, and a month passed. One night she wanted to masturbate me, so she did....Next day, i felt discomfort while walking so i went to the restroom, and i saw my penis' skin rolled all the way back, so i unrolled it. I never had my penis' skin rolled back so much, but after i unrolled, it didnt cover my whole penis. It left my penis head tip unrolled, and since its very sensitive, i feel kinda weird when walking and kinda hurts...not a lot since its the first time my penis head is revealed.

Did my girlfriend masturbated me so rough that she could have teared some place of my penis? I dont feel discomfort when erecting, masturbating or wat soever but just when i walk or when putting my pants on. Should I see a doctor or did my penis got circumcised?


You should try retracting your foreskin as far back as you can when not erect, it should then roll fully back up and cover your penis like it always has done.