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Hi guys, I'm 20 and uncircumcised and need help and advice desperately.

Only recently have i been able to retract my foreskin back all the way. I'm still having problems retracting it all the way when my penis is erect .. i think i can work on it wit additional stretching but i am almost worried to.

This is because my penis gland is extremely sensitive and i cant touch it at all as it causes a lot of pain/discomfort. Even when masturbating i have never retracted all the way back to expose it.

I am slowly trying to put it under the shower to make it less sensitive but even the shower drops cause pain and discomfort.

Is there anything i can do to solve this issue, as this is really affecting my self confidence a lot !!.

I saw on another forum that applying baby oil may work, maybe i should give that a go? Will this problem really solve itself over time?

Please help, thanks in advance.


It sounds like your penis head has not spent a lot of time outside of the foreskin.

Try masturbating more often to toughen up the sensitive skin.

Try retracting it back all the way when you wash it in the shower. You've got to keep it clean and get it used to some friction.


Thanks for the advice .. i am trying t clean it regularly.

When having sex do you think i should maybe not retract my foreskin as the head is so sensitive and offcourse wear a condom, is this possible?


It is normal for the glans to be sensitive because your foreskin has been protecting it for your whole life.

The foreskin is there to protect the head of the penis and keep it moist and sensitive. If it hurts, don't touch it. Keep your foreskin forward to protect the head. It will probably get less tender later.

I don't think anything is wrong with your penis. It sounds normal to me. The head is supposed to be sensitive.

There is no reason for you to touch the head so just don't touch it. Pull your foreskin forward to cover the head to protect it and you should be fine.

Masturbation works best if you keep the foreskin forward where it covers and protects the head.

You do not have to retract your foreskin to receive oral. The foreskin is filled with nerves and loves to be sucked. Just tell your girlfriend to not pull back your foreskin and keep it forward and suck on the foreskin.

Make sure that your partner is well lubricated when you have sex. You have the option to wear a condom for protection.