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Well I am 17 years old and I'm mixed. I'm about 75% West African and I'm also German, Scottish and English, which accounts for the other 25%. Anyway I have a penis size of about 3 1/2 inches long and about an inch in girth when erect. And I know that isn't normal for someone of my ethnicity and I've heard different people saying that I'll stop growing at age 18 and some say 21. But all I want to know is if I'll grow any more in the genital area. I'm about 5'11&1/2 feet tall with a shoe size of around 10 to 11( depends on the brand). I have armpit hair and a lot of pubic hair and I recently started growing a beard. Little patches of hair here and there but my mustache is pretty much fully grown. I also heard that staying in shape could help it grow which I have been doing all this year. I played soccer and did track all year so I'm in pretty good shape. I just want to know if it will grow any more.


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You do have a small penis for your age and height, there is still a chance that your penis will get to at least the small side of average,that is 5" long by just under 4" circumference by the time you are 20, perhapes a bit later in your case, I hope so.   Being tall and having a small penis is not unusual, so don't worry too much.