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I took a First Response Ovulation Test and it came out positive. So, my husband and I had sex that day and the next day. That was two weeks ago. In between that time I have been experiencing some lower abdominal cramping, headaches and slight nausea. (not enough to make me vomit) I also feel very hungry a lot, however, when I eat, I get full or feel sick very quickly. I have been laying around a lot, as well. My books are also pretty sore, bearable, but sore. Finally, I run on a 28-30 day cycle. I just started what I think is my period but it is WAY lighter than normal. It is the normal color, however, so much lighter. I took a HPT two days ago and it was negative. I know I should probably test again in the next couple days, but I just wanted some input as to whether ya'll think I could possibly be pregnant or if this is probably my period. 


p.s. even after my "period" starting my boobs are still sore (whereas normally that goes away within a day of starting) this is my 2nd light day, and I am still experiencing slight cramping. 


thanks to anyone who has input!


Hi Florida,

You can test as soon as 2, preferably 3, weeks after having sex.  When you test, use ONLY your very first morning (wakeup) urine. It is more concentrated and will give more accurate results.

Your period is different.  There is a chance of pregnancy as you can have bleeding during early pregnancy.  

Good luck.