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hi everyone,

my last period was on 10/13/2013 and it lasted nine days, since then I have had unprotected sex  but with the pull out method (yes I know not the best idea) but its not every day. Now I was supposed to  get my period on 11/9/2013 but instead of a period, there was a brown discharge when i wiped. now its weird because this never happened. I have small cramps also, the other time I would see the discharge is if I placed the tissue inside like a tampon and tool it back out. the discharge would be there with sometimes a speck speck of red. I tool a pregnancy test around 5:30 pm and it came back negative. Has anyone had this happen before? my friend thinks its pregnancy related but this never happened with my first and only child. any ideas?


 I apologize for any errors I am currently writing from my phone.


I'm in a similar situation. My boyfriend and I had sex 2 days before my period was due which was 11/18 I am now 4 days late. My last period was 10/21/13 so now I'm just waiting before I take a test.