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Hi guys, is it possible that my jock son could be gay. I mean he doesn’t seem it at all but he is extremely close with his one friend who is gay. He is 16. Is it just experimental ? I just want to know what’s going on.


He is the only one that can tell you if he is gay or not.
From your post there is nothing that clearly indicates he is gay.
Just because he is close to his gay friend all that confirms is that he is comfortable around this friend.
If he is gay or straight it doesn't matter if he is a jock or who he hangs out with and hopefully if needed and when he is ready if he is gay he can talk openly to you about it.

If he knows that he will get the same love and support he has always been given if he is gay it will make telling you much easier.

You could ask him if he is gay if your comfortable talking about his sexuality.
If he is gay acceptance and nonjudgmental support and understanding is all he needs.

If he is gay this site may help you understand what he is going through and it provides parents of LGBT kids with great information. ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** posting of web addresses is not allowed*** Please read our Terms of Use

If he is gay educating yourself on having a gay son will really help you come to terms with having a gay son.
Again there is nothing indicating that he is gay but your wondering if he is so maybe you have noticed some other behaviors besides him having a gay friend.



He might be gay. But some boys go through a phase where they are very curious about other boys and tend to be very close to one or two other boys.


Hi Help

You could just ask your son if he is gay and in a relationship with his friend.
Finding away to do it without upsetting him could be done by asking how his other friends react to him when he is around his friend that is gay.
If he is comfortable telling you about it then asking him if he is gay and in a relationship with his friend should be ok.

Still not saying he is gay but if he is most LGBT kids want to tell their parents they are often afraid of how their parents will take it.
They need to know your love is unconditional and you will be there to support them.
It can be overwhelming if he is trying to keep it from you if he is gay this could be the what you both need.

If he knows that you are ok with it if he is gay that might give him the confidence to tell you.
Providing you and him can comfortably talk about it.

If you decided that you want to ask him you need to be prepared for the answer if he is gay he needs support and understanding.
Hopefully you will check out that site I put in the other reply.
It is your choice but this could help you get the answer your looking for.