About a month ago I noticed my right testicle was hanging very different than normal. No pain, no swelling of any kind, my testicle was just hanging vertically, whereas it normally lies in a more horizontal manner. I got a little freaked and went to an urgent care clinic. By this point my testicle had returned to normal, and the doctor found nothing. So later that same week my testicle did this again. I got freaked again, and this time went to the ER. They did an ultrasound and foumd nothing. They sent me to a urologist to check me out and try to help. The urologist could see me, but said I would have to wait a month before he could look at me. So I waited. In that month I noticed these things: my right testicle would randomly rotate in my scrotum with no pain a couple of times a week. It usually resolves itself anywhere from a few minutes to over an hour. There is no pain at all. My left testicle rarely rotates, but I have seen it do it once or twice. I have also noticed that my scrotum feels and looks "stretched." It looks and feels like there is more skin down there than usual. I cannot stress this enough that this just started when I first noticed the problem and went to the clinic. Up until then I have NEVER noticed this. 

So I went to the urologist, and he examined me and found nothing. And told me that I had nothing. I feel like I sound insane, because it simply can't be nothing. From the moment that urologist stepped in the room it felt like he had already diagnosed me before he even talked to me. He walked in immediately talking about torsion and how I need to be careful about it. When I told him that this did not seem like a simple torsion, he seemed to shrug it off. I waited a month for a 7 minute conversation with. A doctor that did not seem to care in any manner. 

I feel like I am out of options. This is scary not knowing what is wrong with me, but I know something is. My testicles just randomly started moving freely, and my scrotum just recently seemed to have this extra skin. Is there anyone at all who can help me out here with anything? I'm not sure what to do, or how common or rare what I am experiencing is.