Guys , about 5 months ago , i noticed that my left testicle is hanging much lower than right testicle and the right testicle is having some kind of lump (lump is like peanut sized) above it which pains moderately sometimes . so i searched around the internet and found that the hanging problem is common and the lump above right testicle is having epididymitis. i went to urologist to get it checked .he asked me to do sonography of testicle and urine i done it and the reports were all normal so he said me that i dont have any problem below and dint gave me any meds.

now after 5 months , i got this same size lump and pain above my left testicle (again lump is like peanut in size) . thankfully ,epididymitis pain occurs on one testicle at a time.

i do masturbate like 2 times in a day , sometimes 3 or till my sac gets empty , Everyday.

one more thing i want to tell you , that i had this bad coughing problem which occurs randomly and stays there for 4-5 weeks.

so my questions are :

- what is causing this lump and the pain (is it coughing or my masturbation habit or something else )

-is it normal to have lump above both testicle (wid the hanging problem), as i dint found any article or person online who have it on both side.

thankyou so much in advance for reading and helping me.

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