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I saw urgent care 7 days ago with neck feeling like it was being strangled in the front or I was wearing an extremely tight collar. Staff said I had a lot of fluid behind my right ear and throat was congested. Gave me a shot of steroids, a Z-pack 5-day dose of antibiotics and cough "tussin" pearls. Took all, feel better, but neck is still feeling tight on right side and beginning to tighten again on left. Is this unresoved upper respiratory infection, or what other condition could cause this neck feeling? I've had countless sinus, throat, respiratory infections before (53 year-old female), but never this tight neck feeling. Any thoughts you have on alternative causes would be appreciated. Don't know whether to continue to pursue or whether it might be just a virus that needs to run its course. Thanks!


Hello there,

Since you have great deal of experience with your throat/neck and sinus problems it would be wise to try to determine what is causing this type of discomfort to your neck.

You have seen a doctor, they gave you the therapy but again you are experiencing the same symptoms and that is a little bit strange. If it is a virus, like you believe it is, than naturally, it will heal on its own. But if something more serious is in question than it would be wise to bother your doctor until you find out for sure what is wrong. I hope that by now you have resolved your problem and that you are feeling better. Keep us posted.