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For the past month I have be dealing with a stuck in throat feeling. It starts right under my jaw and proceeds down my neck/throat. I first thought acid reflux. Then later Thyroid problems, since my mom has a Thyroid problem. Anyways...I went to the DR a week ago. He thought acid refulx, i started taking the meds. Don't feel like its helping at all. He also did a Thyroid blood test. Haven't gotten the results yet. I have noticed my glands/ lymph nodes are swollen too. Especially the right side of my neck. Today I began having some pain in the throat/neck in the middle and to the sides near the glands. Also experiencing the feeling like a scarf is too tight around my neck. Bothers be to have high collar shirts on......Its really worrying me! What do you think I should do? Wait for the Thyroid results? See another doctor? So So worried. What do you think it is? Trying to stay relaxed but not easy to do. 


Check for Eagle syndrome (an ENT and CT scan will pick it up= but you need an ENT who knows what Eagle syndrome IS)

Otherwise, secondhand cigarette smoke can do this, or a new pet.  It's an allergy that swells up your throat and your immune system goes nuts, swelling your glands.  You may just feel the neck pressure, pulsing, like the tissues in the throat and neck are just puffier or something, but not red or itchy like you think an allergy would do.  It might feel like when you hang upside down...that pressure that builds up in your throat and head (although you'd feel less in the head but maybe some in the lower face).

If it gets better at work or traveling, this is probably it.  You need at least 1-3 days away from your place to see if it gets better.