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so, i'm trying to get myself back into running...

i've been doing fairly hard 30 minute runs lately but i know i need to work in some interval training, some tempo runs, and all that jazz...

anyone have any suggestions? i'm looking at 3-4 days a week for running.

help a brotha out :)


I would need more information to answer your question.

First, what are your goals? Run a marathon? Run X time for 10K? Lose 10 pounds? What do you hope to achieve?

Second, what is your background? How long have you been running, what kind of mileage have you done, what times have you run? How long have you been out (since you mention coming back)?

Just asking "how should I train" without providing background information is like asking how many pieces of string it takes to reach the moon.


i feel like i should lace out some profanity but your comments are accurate :)

i'm currently 21, 147lbsish, and 10% body fat (dipping into low 9s now that i'm back at work).

in high school i ran year round - for three years i trained with a running club - going 4-5 times a week, and raced 1500-3000. i used to run 60 minute runs on a weekly basis mixed with crazy interval training, tempos and anything you can think of (my coach was an almost-olympian). i ran a 1500 in 4m50, a 1050 300m, 5k in 20m, and once did 16km in 1h20.

but i hurt my piriformis and was out for most of my senior year... since then i've been running for the fun of it... last summer (the best i can recall) i got in 3 runs a week for about 2 months mostly 20-30 minute runs though...

i'm starting to build up again - it's about 4 years without serious training, but sporadic running and pretty decent stretches of weight routines (normally lasting about 2 months before being interupted by school)...

i'm wanting to get up to doing my 60 minute runs again and am wanting to run some 5k roadraces later on in the summer in decent time (get back closer to my 20min, i'm at 25min now), and would like to get involved in the half marathon (one year from next sunday).

goals for the summer (end of august):

drop down to a solid 9% bodyfat (without peeking above 10%)
put on 5 lbs of muscle (via supersets)
get up to 60 minute runs
and run as close to a 20 min 5k as i can. (not sure if that's realistic but under 25 for sure)

oh, and i don't want my legs to look scrawny... i'm trying to get them toned again. (running is both healthy AND vain for me)

does that help?



Now we're getting somewhere.

I would recommend getting a solid base first. Four years is a long time without consistent training. Get to where you can do 60 min. runs comfortably- possibly with some hard runs and strides thrown in- before you think about intervals and the like.

This is a longer trek back- but a safer and more effective one. It's like building a house. You have to start with the foundation before you build walls and a roof. Speedwork is the walls and racing is the roof. Without a good foundation, the walls and roof are going to collapse.

I'd give it a good 3 months- maybe longer- to build a significant base of aerobic running- with some tempos and strides thrown in to maintain a little speed. Then you can look at gradually adding intervals.

I can't say I really have any advice about how your legs look. My running is all about getting faster and beating people in races. I don't care if I look like Skelator as long as I'm competitive.