Hi I'm new to this site and trying to find more information regarding the above disorder, from a patients perspective! Plenty out there from clinicians, lol! I realise I'm fortunate in not going into full renal failure...but aware of the possibility can occur in the future if I keep relapsing. I am 53 and have had 4 episodes since the age of 39. It has been suggested that the cause may be autoimmune, dietary, I wish I knew! I have also had of late 4 kidney stones in both kidneys over the last 3 yrs requiring basket removal, and laser, ESWL has no effect hence surgery. I had laser surgery for the last stone removal 3wks ago, and a very nasty time with a urinary stent which was removed this week, however it seems I'm leaking protein again, not too much atm, but as sufferer's know it's insidious and creeps up and up before you know it you look like a puffer fish! Also I'm exhausted, and have elevated BP 180/97 normal for me is 130/70. I would like to meet others who have had experience of NS especially of unknown cause! Do you have any tips or insight into management of this condition? Do you have any cardiac issues such as valve problems.....another problem for patients due to excessively high BP and lipidemia, and cholestermia. Love to hear from anyone out there :-D