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I am between 5-10 weeks pregnant. {going to the doc. on Monday :-)}This is my first time having a baby.I would like to know what some of you do for morning sickness. I feel sick all day,but I never throw up. Any Ideas?
On a more personal note. I am really scared that I will have a miscarriage. What did you do to not stress over it?


Hi there,

First off, about the miscarraige. I have experienced two of them and truly they were both very upsetting. I am now 5 and half weeks pregnant and while still at the back of my mind, I do not allow it to invade my life. Miscarriages occur for a variety of reasons most pointing towards a non-viability or a failure to thrive due to genetic factors with the preganancy at hand or complication. A miscarriage basically happens because the fetus can not thrive, as long as you are taking your preg vitamins (ensure folic acid), etc, eating healthy, avoiding alcohol and all drugs and getting plenty of rest there is not much more you can do, nature is nature. One other thing you can due is not stress over it occuring as stress is not healthy for you or your child. Sit back, put your feet up and be happy and pregnant! Enjoy it!
Nausea or sickness is different for everyone and not alot of fun. The term morning is not really a truth as some women experience it throughout the day, only in the morning, night or both. I am like you and do not get actually sick, there really is nothing to do except wait it out, lie down or find a position that makes you semi comfortable if you can. Tums or anything else should not be taken ever. Most nausea ends after the first trimester, not all, but here's hoping you're one of the lucky ones! Hope this helps!