I want to start out by saying hello. I'm very happy to find this forum. I'm a chronic pain patient since '96 with lots of experience with narcotics and what they do to the human body. I ruined my back doing extremely heavy lifting in a factory. I ended up with severe disc disease in the lumbar spine. I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis in hips and spine, and mostly chronic horrible pain that has never been adequately controlled no matter what I've been on. I was recently on methadone for about 6 years. My dose was too low, but it's a totally long story that I won't go into because it's just  boring anyway. My point is that I was changed over to Morphine Sulfate ER and eventually that plus Morphine Sulfate IR, slow and quick release. I just changed over to the IR one day after being on  2  60mg pills of ER, plus 40mgs of methaodone a day for about two months, so it wasn't a total change over. I started the ER while on meth and once I got the script for IR, the doc told me to stop meth, which I did. I have to say stopping meth was alot easier than I thought it would be, and that's due to the morphine. I tried withdrawing off meth several times to no avail. I had the classic withdrawal symptoms so commonly described. I noticed I was very depressed and miserable for a few days, but then started to feel fine. I've gone cold turkey on other drugs before and am beginning to think that alot of the withdrawal info out there doesn't apply to everyone the same, but I had morphine to tide me over to stop meth. I was beginning to think I'd never get off it because I'd tried so many times. My family doc told me to cut down the dose and I was trying, but I just could not stop it no matter what I did. I got a new doctor who's much more pain savvy now. She's my angel. I've been through doctor HELL on earth and have just been blessed with an understanding doctor. They do exist, but are extremely hard to find. My point is, if you are trying to get off meth, maybe consider talking to your doc about morphine. At least you will be off the hardest drug to quit that way. I know I'm on morphine now, but it's helping me. The instant release is a God send. I need to adjust my dose a bit but I do have more hope than I've had in almost 20 years of chronic pain. Maybe subbing morphine can help someone get off the worst drug out there, methadone. God bless.