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Hi everyone

My mum started using nite trim weight loss pills. I was really surprised since everybody who knows her, knows how much she hates weight loss pills and supplements. Whenever I wanted to use some of those products she would get mad. She told me that these pills are not so bad, and I didn’t want to freak her out, but I’ve read some pretty bad reviews for these pills. Anyways, she is not very sure when to take the pill. I told her she could take these pills every night before she goes to sleep. Am I right? Can you take these pills before sleep?


Hi TinkerBell23. I

was using these pills a year ago. I remember that they were pretty expensive back than, they probably still are, correct me if I am wrong. I’m familiar with the bad reviews. If only I was before I started using them.

They really did not help me at all. And I think I even started exercising the same time I started using them. And nothing.

If I remember well, I was taking them before I went to sleep. I think that’s what the whole concept is based on. The main idea is to lose pounds while you are asleep. 



Thank you Mellisa8. :)

I hope she will get better results from these pills. She doesn’t need to lose much weight, most people would even say she doesn’t need to lose weight at all. Few extra pounds look good on her, she looks very nice. But she has some health issues and her doctor recommended her to lose a couple of pounds.

I think she is also planning to start exercising. Hopefully she will start going to the gym.

Thank you again for your answer. I will let her know. If anyone else has any experience with these pills, share . :)