Cadbury Schweppes is working on a new range of low-sugar sweets and chocolates to meet the changing tastes of health-conscious consumers. They will also introduce a low-calorie version of their Maynards Wine Gums and Bassetts Allsorts with half the sugar and 30 % fewer calories than in a standard packet. The plan is to make these sweets the predecessors of the low-calorie chocolates that tastes no different to a normal milk chocolate.

The market for low-calorie chocolate has experienced a boost by 52 % in the past five years with the biggest interest being in Europe where women are trying to decrease their calorie intake but are not willing to put a stop to snacking.

Cadbury has already launched Cadbury Highlights last year. This chocalte has 160 calories while the equally sized Dairy Milk has 255 calories. However, making a low-fat chocolate with the same soft texture of normal milk chocolate may take some time. The launch may be years away.

The low-calories chocolate markets stands at 70.6 million pounds but is expected to reach 100 million pounds by 2010. Their research and development department received investment from 78 million pounds a year but the numbers are expected to grow to 126 million pounds by 2009.