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Hi all. I'm new on this medication. Day 3. I'm 5ft6. I'm not overweight (68.8 weight in), but want a bit more of a kick to help lose weight. My goal is to lose 10kg.i haven't really experienced drastic side effect. Just the lack of sleep, but I have bursts of energy with is great for me as iv always had a lack of motivation. But I use this energy to exercise. My job is moderate exercise anyway. But giving yourself that extra push to burn more calories. I feel fine. The first night I didn't sleep. Second night I did. I snack of fruits. But not much of a breakfast person. I'm trying hard to be at my goal weight. When I do. I am determined to keep it off.


Hey how did u find duromine?? I'm about the same weight as u and have been on th 13 days with no weight loss


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