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Ever since I was a little kid, I would get these feelings that I would call "sick feelings". It would start off with blood rushing to my hear, deja vu feeling but knowing that it wasn't actually deja vu, my head would hurt and when I was younger I would usually throw up and then be perfectly fine right after- as if nothing had even happened.

That feeling when away for a while and would one come back once a year. Starting last year the "sick feeling" has come back. I want to say that it has something to do with my stress level or something, I'm not sure, I just know that when a project is due or if I am nervous about something I get sick again. But it's worse now that I am older; now I get these sick feelings 5 times a day AT LEAST and the headache never goes away. The deja vu is really more of a nauseous feeling, but a different type of nauseous than when I'm sick and I usually end up dry heaving. Also, twice after I've felt this way my body gets completely weak. I can't keep my eyes open or stand up very well.

Does anyone else feel this bad?


It’s really sad yet refreshing to hear that I'm not the only one with this problem. I could describe my symptoms but you all have done that already. I was diagnosed with Temporal Lobe seizures when I was 21; I didn't believe it because I have never had any problems with seizures. This is the worst feeling in the world because I feel like I’m going crazy. When they happen I feel like I'm trying to remember something that never happened and when it’s over I can't remember but only have images of what I saw. Im going back to therapy today to work on my stress. My family doctor does not take my complaints about this seriously.

I don't believe I have psychosis as kim888 seemed to think... I'm just glad to hear that I'm not the only one.


Wow, so happy to see that there are many other people with the same thing happening. Although now I no longer feel 'Special' :O)

I have been getting these intense feelings of Deja-vu since I was 16 (I am now 41). I have never been on medication (hardly ever take an aspirin). I do not suffer from depression, anxiety or anything and very, very rarely get headaches. I did smoke marijuana for about 5 years, but started this after the episodes started so I doubt if that has anything to do with it. My life is pretty normal, married, 3 kids only been out of work for 3 days since I got my first job at 15. Generally happy with my life.

When they first started, they were much more intense than they seem to be now. However, this may be because I have gotten used to them over the years. I remember the first episode vividly... I was playing a game at the arcade called Gyruss and the feeling of Deja-vu hit so hard and I felt so nauseous, that I had to walk away from the machine. To me, it was triggered more by the sound than what I was looking at. During this time, I got them very frequently and really had no idea what was happening. I did not like it at all and as many people have said... within seconds, I would break out in a sweat, and feel very nauseous, and just want to get out of there. Then very drained after it passed. I have had them less frequently as time has marched on. I may get them every 6 months or so now days, but when I do, I may get several over the period.

For me it is more often triggered by sound, but may be what I am looking at or doing. Nothing stands out.

What do I feel?
Ok this is the difficult part, but over the years I have done my best to gain control over them when they occur and to the point where they no longer bother me, but intrigue me. I actually miss them when I haven't had one for a while. There are 2 reasons for this, one because it now leaves me with a whooaa, awesome! sense of feeling rather than horror. And the other is because I want an answer, and the only way to get it is when have them.

When it starts, I feel it coming and try and concentrate so I can remember after it subsides. To me, it feels like I have been dreaming what I see for some time, and then the universe aligns and I have a moment of clarity and understanding. I recognize the people/things/places involved and it all makes sense, I know who they are and where and understand what is going on... Unfortunately once it subsides, to this day I have not been able to grasp any memory of the details that seemed so clear only seconds before. As much as i have tried, I still have no clear picture of what I have seen.

Another thing is that what I see (mostly in my mind) when it is happening, has absolutely nothing to do with what I am currently doing or seeing at the time. As stated above, what I see, seems to me to come from a dream that I have had. I think this is part of the glazing over as it happens that many of you mention, because I am seeing something that is not there.

When it has passed, it's like I wake up from being zoned out for days waiting for it to happen, like I knew it was coming. I do feel drained but not so bad anymore these days. Mostly just frustrated that I still don't understand what it is. And then I try and get myself ready for the next one with hope to capture it's meaning.

Sorry, I got nuthin'. Other than to present my experience like everyone else. For those that can remember anything at all you are very fortunate. For me, this is one of the great mysteries of my life and I look forward to the next time it happens... I just may hang on to some of it when it does.

Good luck and best wishes to you all. Maybe one day we will have a name and explanation for it, but until then... Haven't we done this before?



Let me join the club.

I have felt the exact same stuff, and it seems the root of my problem is also Salvia Divinorum, marijuana or cocaine. I strongly regret using these. I still use marijuana from time to time but never again SD or cocaine.

Ever since then I have felt that same Dejavu, sometimes I feel none, sometimes I feel it mildly, and there are days that I feel it strongly for hours. I was feeling it this morning up until a couple hours ago, then, it simply vanished.

But dejavu is not only that, I feel like others can read specific words off my mind, that I just randomly daydream about that could have nothing to do with what's going on in the real and I used to have delusions and since I had a drug problem I've felt that I'm either in hell or, hell is after me, or I'm stuck in a SD trip from ages ago. It's so depressing at times.

And yes, I do have some very strong anxiety/horrifying feelings sometimes, but usually there's a trigger. Most of the time online, but a couple times in person someone says something to me that they probably wouldn't really say. For instance, a pastor said I had the right to terminate my life, someone online spoke to me as if they knew me and told me that "crack can instantly kill you", they also knew what kind of cigarettes I smoked. Another person asked me if I lived in texas (and it was a lucky guess), I asked why they asked and they said "I dont know".

Certain things I see in real life like 666 or the number 333, (333 way more often), and such. It would seem like some sort of paranoid schizophrenia, but I just don't know. I want to figure this out, and I don't want to lose my soul OR my sanity. So if anyone can help, please help!


Since 6 or 7 years or so im expiriencing the same as all of you. It is too simular to be unique on every person.

my visions show me a woman with black hair. She has a very known face altough i instantly forget the exact detail of her face... as the so called "Episode" passes on after 2 minutes.

She does not look very happy and has pretty wide cheeks, her hair reaches an inch or so below her ears. no extentions or what so ever.., then again she looks pretty young, but above 20 years old.

Beside that vision i see some more unclear memories, wich properbly come from a dream. Some gamelike orc camp but its too fuzzy it could be midevil. Might be simular to the 2d picture some of you saw, but i guess we could all see different things.

Last year 2007 dec, i had short deja vu's wich made me think of sentences wich were just mumbling but they did not come from myself. After 2 weeks this suddenly went away. The deja vu attacks still appeired once in a while. now since last saturday, dec 08 i have the same feeling like last time and just as frequent, but now only with a specific feeling instead of a mumbling sentence (tought) i went to see the doc, and ofcourse he did not know what this was. The feeling is like disgusting, but unknown, it feels a bit like the deja vu episode attack only in short period mixed with a tought or brief moment every couple minutes at random, sometimes every minute and then every 5 or 30 mins. So it seems random.

now i need to explain about my live situation, full time mariuana smoker, used lots of different drugs in the past. once used 2cb and 8 times tripping mushrooms, a couple hales of salvia but no effect on that one. Had some bad expiriences with the mushrooms.

My first deja vu feeling came back in the early days when i was 6 or so i guess.. i was in france and saw a nice white looking house. Not sure where exactly, but it was somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the vacation trip to the camping. I remember it had a pretty dutch design, with 3 windows on the front or something, but it looked old and french too. I still have a vague picture in my mind. This had no bad side effects or what so ever.

i cant really remember the bad deja vu that came 6 years ago, but i have a memory that i was producing some music, and i was filling in notes in the piano matrix. and suddenly i feld like that deja vu, but it had a really bad flavor it feld like BAHH!! disgusting. and still that feeling can not be described. Since then i had it more and more often.. the real deja vu attacks you all are talking about.

I can supress the deja vu attacks by smoking mariuana as soon as possible after i wake up. Once i am sober after night sleep the deja vu triggers commonly when im in the shower, or sitting behind the pc. It feels like OH NO not again , a dirty death like feeling, like your brain has holes in it, braincheese... It feels so intense that its better to be slapped against the head. Occasionaly you think of damn if this feeling went on forever i wish i was dead! I smoke like 10 grams mariuana a week. About the small deja vu's i have i just mentioned, if i smoke or drink those deja vu moments penetrate any drugs. Short brief moments of damn ugh mixed with your common toughts.

my episode always feels like this:
Tought/Vision/Sound>trigger deja vu> feeling from toe too head> Very nasty flavoury minddisturbing feeling> state of distraction> holds 1 minute>then almost puke or some of you will vomit every time. >end of deja vu.

I hope we find what we all are looking for, a good way to supress the intense deja vu attacks.

I try to believe this is not drug related, but some of you did have smoked mariuana just like me. And the deja vu Attacks do not occur when i'm stoned. And on the other hand some of you also used halucination stuff as i did.. But then again some of you never used any and that makes me think...

Im sure my next music track will be called "Deja Vu Attack!" 8) orr "We need help!" o.O


jasperb - well what I think is that marijuana or salvia or any drugs is not the only cause of this but maybe some drug(s) can definately cause it to manifest. and everything you just said completely matches mine. i know the mumbling voices i felt them especially while on salvia. it's very hard to describe them or what they are saying. to me they were saying something but it was too much to absorb. they were very annoying too, like i didnt really want to hear them. sometimes when i smoke marijuana i get in touch with things that target my worst fears when talking to people - i don't know if it's hallucination or real.
im not sure maybe this is karma. i am a guilty person - of mainly stealing money and so much drug abuse in the past. have any of you done anything considered bad or sinful? just an idea but probably wont pass by atheists here, heh.


The couse of my problems started with stress, it began with hyperventilation.. this was terrible at first, i did not know what happened.. i just had a school project, some other guys should worked together with me to get things fixed.. i worked couple days untill late night to get some of the job done... but i was claimed to be the one who did everything wrong and everything was for nothing. Afterwards the teacher said you should have motivated them!.. She gave me an EXTREM low mark... I'm a pretty strong person i;ve seen lots of sick stuff but this was above my control. once i got in the train back home i freaked out half way and could not breath. I talked to the train personel and yeah they said it was very hot outside too... i stepped out and just could not breath normally.. from this point i went inside the trainstation shop, i explained my situation and the shop worker gave me something to eat and drink and called a ambulance. I tought i was dying at that moment. Once in the ambulance told my story, and they said i was Hyperventilating altough i was not breathing fast i just could not breath normally at all.

From here i noticed i had high stress levels, from childhood i had a simular case like autism but in a small portion. It did overwhelm me a lot becouse i did not understand how other people would react in certain situations. This starts from basic principles wich get more complicated later on. That is a long story im not mentioning here.

After hyperventilating wich comes with sweaty hands a lot, a new thing developed.. but first i explain how i got rid of the hyperventilation most of the times.. It begins with trying to control your breath, inhale/exhale at this point you manually control your breath at any concious moment. That is really disturbing, after a long while i managed to control this by accepting that this cannot harm you.. the breathing problems slowly stopped. This took me like a couple years. Then the next chapter came.. My heart started pounding like crazy, skipped couple beats after inhale or exhale.. i tought my heart would stop or i would have a heart attack.. This too was just a disturbed mind wich is sending wrong signals to the body, or at least thats what you think. Im just 23 years old there is no way i could just have a heart attack. Then i accepted that this just occurs once in a while and it doesnt bother me that much even tough it still happens...

Then from before all this started i had a small deja vu attack when making music (my favorite hobby), it feld like the most dirty feeling you can imagine. and seems to be a Panic attack. the feeling gives you an extreme intensive feeling wich you do not want to have again.. I found out that im having that for 6 years now and have manifestaded a 2nd chapter in the panic attacks (deja vu attacks) i read something and i think this is triggered by the usual panic attacks wich makes you give short milisecond panic attacks every 5 or 10 or 30 minutes. just random.. for a couple of weeks... Im supressing my deja vu's with mariuana, I found out that i only have these normal panic attacks when im 100% sober, But the milisecond panic attacks are going streight through every natural drug i use. (Alcohol and Mariuana)

I belive people on supressing drugs are getting no attacks becouse it supresses it 24h a day. Im sounding pretty negative about all this and thats pretty normal, but then again you should attract the possitive and embrace the things wich needs to be solved.

so i think my deja vu attacks are panic attacks am i right??


To PlzHelpme24:

i think halucinating drugs are dangerous, especially chemical stuff like lsd, or 2cb.. mescaline.

ill explain about 2cb:
2cb is simular like mescaline and a mate of mine had seen stuff no one should see in reality. As panic becomes visual in halucinations. I had the same amount as him but i feld safe somehow even tough he screamed like he was possed by an evil entity. I still could tell anyone what we used altough he had hyperventilating symtoms, high temperature, he totally freaked out. The only thing i saw was just those chemical colors and moving patterns on every object you focus on.

anyways these drugs can properbly get you to places we dont understand especially when you mix with laughing gass.

That friend of mine with the 2cb accident also used Salvia in combination with Laughing gass, This boosts the trip in a short period like 10x properbly. He does trip reports and has pretty detailed stories. The story was pretty amazing as some "female elven" entities aproached him with some sort of comforting and sexual feelings. He also described they lifted his trip mate wich had used the same and expirienced exactly the same thing. They lifted him like he was weightless in the air. altough they both were in halucinating status we cannot get any facts from this. It does sound pretty amazing if theres more beyond this. but that does not matter when it comes to real life.

Im a man of facts and reality and:

I have sworn to myself i will never hallucinate again. The visuals are great and i wish i could have recorded all of them, but the feelings are just as intensive like a normal deja vu attack we all are experiencing. 2cb and mushrooms effect last like 6 to 8 hours. Once intoxicated time slows down and speeds up just like a sine wave just like your happy and bad feelings.. I do not advise anyone with panic attacks to use halucogens. i did had no problems with the 2cb, 2 years ago but my mate almost died couse of the extremly negative halucinations wich gave him his very high body temperature.

My mates never expirienced my deja vu feelings(panic attacks) and i do not know anyone nearby who has the same thing.


atm i dont have mumbling voices but i now have a very strong emotion occuring at the same frequency. The emotion feels like something from a dream or a small portion of a deja vu attack. I cant really tell.. it still feels disgusting but i can't get to negative especially against those who read this should not panic. I think this will last 2 weeks just like the mumblin toughts period. At this moment while im typing this story im on my 7th day of full time min deja vu's. Still hoping this will end soon. But it doesnt seem as intensive as the real attacks i can easily control myself and have fun with my mates. Tomorrow i will have a good party and will enjoy as much as possible.

A lot of people do bad things, important is that you learn from them and see them as bad things before you learn from it. That does not mean you should confess or anything ofcourse. I dont believe in a higher force wich sees and controls all, the only god you see is Nature.. everything that excists. than that is no person so no believe but just reality. So i can assure you this also happens to the most religious people if you see it that way.

i read on this forum and someone gave the link of Joe Barry's website, he is dealing with panic attacks.

sad is he is making you pay for information, im not just posting that stuff here but i can tell you guys can learn from him. And i think he will cure my panics too after i finish reading his stuff :)

the way to get rid of this is by embracing your greatest fear.

in our case the deja vu attacks.


I really think Salvia is the cause for the two of us, I don't know about the others.

Salvia is such a mystery to me, and I should have known better than to try it. I thought to myself and wondered if I would return from the trip, or if I would return from the trip a normal person, and decided I would risk it anyway, it seems that I made the wrong choice. I really hope we can find an answer someday. Atleast, know the truth and dealing with the attacks is better than to have to deal with these attacks and not know why they happen.

The voices I explained, well, I experienced only during a couple instances of the Salvia usage, but really only when I would almost enter the trip. But from my personal salvia use, I don't recall many at all hallucinations.
More like pictures. pictures with a black background. Like, a red car with my friends standing by it. A friend staring at me.

The levels I've reached are:

Mild disorientation
Laughing - but not knowing why
Somewhat faded out and confusion
Lots and lots of voices mumbling. Female voices it seemed like.
Heavilly faded out, feeling very inferior and not knowing the people around me, even if they are close friends.
Trip-state, in a black void with an unchanging image.
Blacked out completely - like the entire trip going by without remembering anything. Inhale, wait, "wake up" after a few minutes.

And I mean, the dejavu I get sometimes, is -so- strong, like I don't understand it, my dejavus started feeling like the memories were recent, and as I move on in time, these dejavus feel more distant, yet, strong. I don't know. I really don't know. It's a big mystery. I hope someday someone will uncover all the truths about this herb. I mean, would you think that it allows you to see the future. Would it? Haven't you felt like this during any dejavus.

I won't touch any more hallucinogens, no more hard drugs or anything. I may use marijuana from time to time but only if I can find a strain that makes me completely comfortable and no paranoid thoughts. I want to live a normal life like everyone else and it's painful to watch my life end this way.


I have always had deja vu, but this painful, nauseous, leave-you-with-a-headache thing just started a few months back.
I'm 36, no drug history, little stress, eat well, exercise.
They come over me like a rush, feel fire in the pit of my stomach, haven't thrown up yet. Then headache for the rest of the day.
Had one in front of someone and he said I looked like I 'zoned out' for a moment, but I never loose consciousness.
Do I need an MRI on my brain??


after reading the panic away program i had 4 more deja vu attacks when i was ill .. and very exhausted. Since then it didn't came back.

i didn't even read the last chapter, the 2 chapters had enough effect on me to change my way of thinking about those attacks. Once you have set it right they just won't occur often anymore. It happened pretty fast just couple weeks when i noticed they were half as worse as normal, and they suddenly faded completely.. and then only 1 day as i just explained , those 4 attacks came 1 day again. this is a month ago, i did feel terrible again, but i insisted that i would be fine and the deja vu's can come whenever they want. but that's the point when they wont come anymore. Normally i had them frequently in the morning, but they are gone now :-) just invite the deja vu attacks and ask for more when they come up.

i feel truly much better.




I actually passed out in the shower...I think stress, lack of sleep and possibly anemia could have something to do with this. Another thing I notice when I experience these, I chew ice. A lot of it, I just get a cup fill it with ice and a little water or soda, I'm more interested in crunching the ice than the drink. Does this happen with any of you?


VERY IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE: I had a Deja Vu at age 43 while driving, just prior to a full-blown seizure..."Mesial Temporal Sclerosis"---a build up of scar tissue, likely due to a forceps delivery when born. This is often due to other minor head injuries, too

Guys I haven't finished reading all the posts, I'm only on page two, but this seems really serious!!

My girlfriend (age 19) has exhibited many of the same symptoms and observances as stated above: She has rather frequent feelings of De Ja Vue, leaving her weak-kneed and frightened, has more and more recently been having periods of blacking out and passing out, and in the last two weeks, has been having some seizures, one of which lasted almost an hour floating in and out of consciousness during the episode!! She also seems to desire all ice, with little liquid in her cup (related or coincidental?) and seems only satisfied when chomping on her glass full of cubed ice. She has a few OCD problems, but also, from the second quote, she was in a bad car wreck a few years ago, that left her in a comma for a month after her head slammed into the steering wheel...

She has been through CAT scans and the like, with no indications of anything wrong, but has recently been diagnosed with both fybromyalgia, and being hypoglocemic.

I am unaware if anyone is experiencing related symptons or if anything is connected, but I hope this helps in some small way, and I will pray for each of you. Keep up the posts, and remain informative of any information.

God Bless


You have all hit the nail on the head. I have no drug history, except a little pot as a teen, and now I'm 39 and have been having them for the past 2-3 years.

My episodes happen mostly in the a.m., when I'm doing repetitive things.

It's like I'm remembering a disturbing dream and I feel and overwhelming sense of dread, like something really bad is going to happen. Like I've dreamed what's happenning now, and that something bad is going on. Like all my fears and anxieties in real life are magnified and intensified.

I feel it rising from my stomach to my head in waves (hard to describe) that leaves me with a pronounced pain at the top of my head in the center. This makes me think this is a real situation, because I can't remember much of the episode, but the headache lingers.

Because it is usually in the a.m. - can it be glycemic? I am afraid to discuss it with my doctor. Hubby thinks I'm being a hypochondriac.

Grandmother had epilepsy but that was thought to be cause by an operation following a car accident.

Any thoughts?


I am relieved and scared at the same time. Since 1996 I have had an episode once a month to twice a day even in my sleep. I have extreme deja-vu. If people are in the room, I know what they are going to say and do before they do it. The smell comes first. I can't even describe it. It reminds me of nothing I know and the smell lasts during the attack which lasts approximately ten seconds. My husband says I look normal when I have them. He is the only one who knows. Afterward, I feel exhausted. I have been too embarrassed to mention it to my doctor. I don't want him to think I'm crazy. I have never taken drugs. I have had two kids since 1996. I cannot find a pattern to the madness. I am relieved that I am not the only one. I wonder if I should tell my doctor.