Hi newbie here, I have some questions I'm hoping someone can help me with. I have been all over the internet, for hours, looking for the answers and I can't find anything!

I am currently going through my 4th medical abortion. Every time I've had an abortion I have been between 4 to 41/2 weeks. The clinic I go to always does a vaginal sonogram to confirm an intrauterine pregnancy. This pregnancy was confirmed, and I viewed the sonogram photo to see it. Each time I had an abortion I was given 600mg of Misoprostone and then 48 hours later took 800mg of Misoprostol. First abortion the Misoprostol was administered vaginally, but after the deaths in the US the clinic only gives it buccally( within the cheeks of the mouth for 20 minutes then swallow them). Each time I’ve had this done, I began to bleed within one hour of taking the Misoprostol.

This time it's been over 24 hours, and I have not bled but a tiny bit of brown stuff which has stopped!

I have been pregnant a total of 6 times, and can pretty much tell with certainty when I am pregnant. I no longer feel like I am. The moody, water-retention, swollen feeling is gone, and my breasts are not nearly as tender as they were before the medication.

I called the nurse on call at my clinic, and she wasn't much help. I have a clinical background, and the information she gave me was not accurate. I won't get into the details of this, but I will tell you that I'm frightened o.O because it's the weekend and she is the only one on-call this weekend.

Has anyone else had any experiences with expelling the pregnancy tissue past 24 hours?
Apparently 90% expel within 24 hours and 2/3 expel within 4 hours of administration of Misoprostol. I need some advice please. :-(