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I had my period the day i started methadone treatment, 20 months ago, ive seen alot of girls get pregnant and i know of alot of girls who get their periods every 3-5months. Ive been to doctors, they say everythings fine. I have found not many of the girls have gone this long without their period. im havent been in a long term relationship, but i go though periods of being sexually active, No one can answer my one big question: Can i get pregnant. i am 32 and have 1 child from my pre-methadone days.



Yes you should still be able to get pregnant.  Methadone is a b****r for messing about with your periods.  You can go two three months in a row regular as clockwork, then nothing for a year and pop there comes another, there seems no rhyme or reason as the dose could be the same for the entire time, your diet could be the same too and everything is upsidedown.  Just because you are not having a period does not mean you are not ovulating (in the case of methadone) 

If you are trying to get pregnant at any point while on your script it maybe an idea if you are able to try and reduce your dosage, most females who stop menstruating seem to start up again if they can get there dose below 35ml daily.   This is going to benefit baby too as if you are going to stay on it if you become pregnant, then the lower the dose the higher the chance your baby can escape withdrawal, this is also possible if your dose is low enough, although ideally if you are able detox fully is going to be best for everyone.