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I actually have Skyla, which is like Mirena but smaller and more targeted to women who haven't had children. I just figured since it is new it would make more sense to mention Mirena so people know what I'm talking about and more answer my questions.

Anyways. I had Skyla inserted on May 1st, 2013 and I know it has only been a couple days since today is the 6th of May. But I thought I was supposed to experience spotting for 3-6 months after insertion and I stopped spotting on the 4th. My spotting was light and brown colored( like at the end of a period). When they inserted it they did it on my period and it just brings me to think I didn't spot at all and that the brownish "spotting" was just my period ending anyways.

Yesterday I experienced cramping near the end of the day, but no blood or anything. Usually I've been cramping at the end of the day since being on Skyla.

Also, and most important. I can't find my stings. I've tried and tried but can't. My check up is not until June 7th and I might just be over thinking everything. I just need to know is me experiencing no spotting normal? and how do you find your strings because I've tried and can't. I'm worried my IUD fell out.


I had the same thing happen to me. She told me for the next week or so I would cramp really bad. Its day 3 and I've had no cramping at all! I'm wondering if this is normal or not. If you have your period don't try to feel for the strings. Your cervix shifts during your period which is why your doctor wants you to check after your period. If you squat down and bear down like your having a bowel movement you should be able to feel the strings. My doctor cut mine short and I had to go way back in there to feel them. I felt them the first day and I'm going to feel them after my period stops. She told me less than 3% of women regret the IUD and she said if it comes out or moves position you will get terrible cramps and you will know if its comes out or not.