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ok the girl i slept with one time on may 27th 2011 found out she was pregnant on june 16th we only slept together one  her last lmp started april 29th and endedon may 4th if we didnt sleep together until the 27th how can i possibly be th father of her baby she keeps saying im the only guy she has been with


Hi Kanerox,

If you're the only guy she slept with then the odds are pretty good.  But you need much more information.

How long is her cycle?  Do you know?  The average is 28 days but in this case that is unlikely.  When did she ovulate?  Does she know?

28 day cycle - she'd ovulate between days 11-16.  48 hours after she ovulates the egg is no longer viable and can't be fertilized. 

You had sex on day 29.  Post back if you can get more information.