Last summer I developed gassy diarrhea, pain in my left side and started loosing weight. Now I had tried for 27 years to loose weight and never more than 20 labs. So I knew something was wrong. I had a colonscopy and an endoscopy ( I had Nissan Fundulication two years ago for acid reflux) All was fine and they found nothing. All they told me was to add fiber to my diet. HINT: Listen to your instincts. So that was November. Dec. I had my yealy female checkup. He did an ultrasound because when he pressed on my stomach it hurt. He found a mass about the size of a fifty cent piece, that he said was attached to my uterus. Said it looked weird and got a second opinion. Told me to come back in three months and if still there or bigger he would do a hysterectomy. In Jan. 2013 I was hurting bad. Still all the pain was in my left side NOT my right. I saw my company doctor and he said he thought I had diverticulitis. He sent me to have a CTScan. It came back that I did have diverticulitis but they were more concerned with the mass. It had doubled in size and now showed on my ovary. Went back to my OBGYN and he spoke with the Radiologist. They finally said it must be on my appendix and it looked like it could be cancer...... Yep, that word.. So I researched it and contacted a doctor about two hours away that specialized in it. He said he didn't think it was cancer and all my blood work was fine. On Feb. 28 I had surgery that was to last 3 hours. 6 hours later, they removed my appendis, the mass that had grew in a little over a month to the size of a hotdog bun, the right side of my colon and 11 lymphs nodes. The appendix had the beginning stages of cancer but the rest tested great. I stayed in the hospital for 6 days. Every day I was heaving ( can't throw up because of the acid reflux surgery), they never could find out why. So they sent me home. I was home only a day and a half when I was still heaving that my stomach started swelling and I was in terrible pain. Went by rescue squad to local hospital. They thought my colon had ruptured so emergency surgery was done. They cut me from my ribs to my privates. Found that I had actually ruptured my stomach in three placed. I stayed in the hospital for 9 days. So two major surgeries within 7 days. Finally home and all the tubes, staples and bands have been removed. I am still weak but getting better every day.

My point in all this is listen to your body and not doctor if you feel something is really wrong. I am not blaiming them at all. We just have to insist on more test or something else.