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I've been really gassy recently and there are changes in my bowel movement. my normal bowel movement became loose or watery stools. and in between some times normal stools. it doesnt hurt when I have dirrehea, it just seems like normal bowel movement but watery or loose. also I release today that my stools became two colored.half light brown and half dark brown or black.



have you been under too much stress recently, or did you have any major changes in your diet? The stress can trigger irritable bowels syndrome that is characterized by excessive gassyness, loose or watery stools combined with various changes in your bowel movements. Also, if you experience abdominal pain alongside irresistible urgency to go to the toilet because of diarrhea, chances are you have irritable bowels syndrome. The syndrome is generally managed by controlling stress, your diet and with the help of medications - by controlling diarrhea,

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