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I am a diabetic and have been for about 8 years.  Used to be able to manage my diabetes by diet and walking 30 minutes a day but now that I have been to the doctor for my checkup, I am going on glucophage.  So I am wondering though, isn't insulin usually preferred over glucophage GDM?  I am just wondering if I shouldn't just go to insulin since I will end up on it eventually anyway.  Has anyone else been on either or both?  I don't really want to take medicine but insulin is more natural since our bodies make it anyway naturally.  I would rather take what is natural.  I tried to tell the doctor I wanted to be on insulin but to no avail.  What do you guys think? 


Hello, Guest!  Most generally, doctors will prescribe an oral medication before having a diabetic patient go right on insulin even if GDM.  Gestational diabetics most generally will still have some use of their pancreas to produce their own insulin so physicians will go this route first.  It is better to be using our own insulin if at all possible and hopefully, the drugs will stimulate the pancreas to keep producing it.  Eventually, however, this organ will no longer be able to handle the increased demands and diabetic patients will need to go on insulin injections.  This insulin will replace the insulin that their bodies used to make.  Insulin therapy has its risks.  It can cause diabetics to become hypoglycemic more readily because it is so hard to regulate how much insulin is needed to take care of the glucose in the bloodstream.  If a person does  not eat enough carbohydrate to counterbalance the insulin taken, it can cause low blood sugars.

Be mindful of that if you do end up taking insulin.  Right now, by taking glucophage, you will have not have to worry about any hypoglycemic episodes during your pregnancy.