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On Sunday 21st Febuary I contracted Food Posioning ( Raw Bacon in Soup) which was very bad, I then seemed to recover after 4 days although I felt very weak.
Five days later Thursday 25th I had Tingling in my Arms, Face and Neck and also Lips. I saw my Doctor who told me that I should not worry as this was because I was recovering from Food Poisoning.

Today 26th Feb the Tingling has spread to my Hands and Fingers and also my Knees, I returned to my Doctor who told me again
that I should not be overly concerned.

Tonight I have developed a numbness in my Face, Top of my Head, Neck, Lips, Arms and Hands and Fingers, I also feel weakness

I am very scared that I have Guillians-Barre Syndrome....can anyone help with advice to Treatment.

Tomorrow I return to my doctor.

I am the only breadwinner in our family so I cannot lose any work...can I be treated without
losing work ( I am a Personal Care Provider)

Thank you so much in advance.


Hi Evie! Can I ask how you came up with a rare syndrom as Gullians-Barre? Did you come up with it before ALL of the symptoms happened or after? It is a VERY rare condition, usually from a SEVERE viral infection that has caused Autoimmunity problems! ANYTIME you experience numbness you NEVER ignore it! As it might not even be about the Food poisioning, IF this continues I would rEALLY like you to go to a Hospital! BECAUSE if it is from the Food Poisioning you will need medication to counteract the Neruo Posioning! Please let me know how you make out! Good luck and health!


Dear Bambi

Thank you so VERY much for your reply to my post.

I am feeling really well now but I was very worried for the 3 days I had those was awful!

I had the symtoms when I went to bed on Friday 26th then half way through the night I woke and
I knew I felt different somehow, by the time I had walked from my bedroon to the bathroom I knew
why I felt different, all my Tingling and Numb feelings had gone.

Its Monday the 1st of March now and absolutely all symtoms have gone and although I feel a little
weak I know those symtoms will not return.

It must have been the Food Posioning Bambi because I can think of nothing else that I did or ate out of my normal

After I got the symtoms my husband Mark logged them into the internet and came up with the Barres Syndrome
needless to say I was horrified.
My doctor called me today and still insisits my symtoms were from the toxins I ingested from the Food Posioning.

I am really scared to eat bacon after this!

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to give me advice Bambi...if there were more people like you this
whole wide world it would be a much nicer place in which to live.


Best Wishes

Evie Miller ( English Citizen from Lonson living in Denver)


You're welcome Evie! I thought that the symptoms had been logged in!!! I usually tell people NOT to do that! Because you can punch in a headache with the shivers and it will pop up "Chinese Purple Megnatosis!" XD 8-| ;-) A dear friend of mine punched in her "Menopause Symptoms" and out came Uterine Cancer! She was CONVINCED that she had it! I told her it was menopause! She went to the doctors and they said "Menopause!" So you have to be SO careful with that! Also there are strange and sometimes lonely people that go on the sites and say the most INCREDULOUS stuff! That terrifies people to the bone!

Food Poisioning sometimes sounds sort of silly doesn't it? How can something that we need! Poision us?! BUT it is DEADLY and can cause kidney failure, neuro toxins - which I think you had, and for EVERY organ to shut down! So I hope you made a formal complaint to the authorities about this place! And I am glad that you are fine!

Sincerely Bambi - originally from Doncaster, S. Yorkshire, England, now living in Canada! ;-)