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Good day all,

So let’s talk about this hip hop again :) I was reading something on the internet, and I was reading about hip hop abs :) They seem pretty funny and good for me, because I love this hip hop dance, but I am sure that I really need to learn a lot about this :)

I was wondering, do you have any experience with this? Anyone here was doing hip hop abs?

Can you tell me of how many exercise do hip hop abs consists?

This information would be rally helpful for me to find out what my next steps are :)

Thank you! 


Hello there,

I have to say that this is one of the most interesting abs program that I’ve ever tried. Of course, I was trying this because somebody asked me to do that :) So, as far as I know, the hip hop abs program consist of four core workouts, and they will rotate through as you complete your program. This program is good because it offers you totally three different workout calendars. You will need to do your abs for 25 to 45 minutes. Sunday should be you rest day :) Good luck with this, they are really great.




Good day,

Hip hop abs is an excellent program, but just like every one other program it has it pros and cons. But, I believe that you are looking for pros of hip hop abs :) Of course, there are a lot of them. It is not than expensive, but it is effective. If you want to have some fun, you are at the right place, because it is fun to do it and set to upbeat. It is very similar to Zumba, and that is one more reason why you are going to love it. You will learn all dance moves while you are sweating and burning your calories.

And, one more important thing – it is not difficult :)



Hey there,

Wow, thank you so much. It seems to me that this is not so hard to follow, it is funny, especially if this, let’s call it diet program :) contains some elements that are similar to Zumba. And, I have to say that I really like Zumba :) That number of exercises doesn’t seem that complicated for me. Actually, I think that I am going to like it :)

Anyway, thank you so much for sharing those informations with me. I believe that we are going to talk about hip hop abs more :)

Thank you so much.

Have a nice day!