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Hello girls,

My step sister wants to follow prism diet program. She saw some of your comments on this site, how hard is to follow this diet program, and she decided to follow it :)

She was always headstrong :) LoL.

She also goes to the gym, but she has one question about it.

What is the best work out program to be combined with prism diet? Can she still go to the gym or she needs to do something easier?

Please, answer me as soon as possible, because she is very curious about this :)

Enjoy your day!



Hello people,

Yes, gym is acceptable while you are on the prism diet, don’t worry. But, I would like to say that personally I would do something easier and that doesn’t need that much effort. So, you can always do some cardio work, it is pretty amazing, and I think that it has a much better effects than gym or something with weight :)

So, cardio or classic aerobic are totally cool!

What do you think about it? Can you try this one instead of gym?

I believe that is much better, but that is what I think.  Working out three times a week is enough for you.




Hello girls,

I agree with you. I don’t know why some girls force to go to the gym, when you can achieve your goal weight when you are doing some great cardio exercise.

What do you think about Zumba? Have you tried it? If you didn’t you should, because it is so, so much fun :)

So, you can continue with the gym, but I am saying that you have some different alternative as well. I hope that you will accept my opinion about this.

Maybe gym is effective than cardio or Zumba, but it is not healthier :)

Have a nice day! 



Good day

Let me join your discussion :)

Lena Midleton, I must say that I really agree one hundred percent with comments that girls wrote in here. Cardio, cardio, cardio and only cardio.

Quit gym and enjoy all the benefits of cardio workout. This diet is a little bit complicated, but it is totally OK if you follow it as way that you should.

But you must work out while you are on a diet, that is something that you must do.

Now, my suggestion is cardio, and I hope that you are going to listen to me.

Enjoy your day.