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Hey there girls,

I started to follow Warrior diet program last week. So far, it is really good. It is taught, I have to be honest, but I didn’t have any big problems or side – effects with it. Now, I will get used on it, I promise.

I want to do some exercise program as well. I don’t know can I do my current fitness program, I am doing Zumba at the moment, or I should do something else.

So, I was wondering, can you tell me what kind of exercise Warrior diet promotes?

Something special or what?

Let me know your experience with it.



Hello there darling,

There is not good diet program without good exercise plan, as always! I think that there are no special exercise that you need to do while you are following Warrior diet program. You need to know that you need to exercise at least three of four times a week. So, please, spend at least 60 minutes, if you are the beginner you can spend 30 minutes, per session working. You need to include strength training and aerobic training. That is the part of routine how to lose your weight while you are on Warrior Diet program.

Good luck! 



Hey there,

Yes. I totally agree with you. You need to exercise four times a week. You need to make a plan on which days you will do which exercise. I would like to recommend you to live those aerobic exercise for the end of week. That is the best option, when you will relax your body as well. That is not, there is no specific program as well, all you need to do is to do those exercise, all the time if you want to see some progress.

That is why this diet program is so strict, because everything is so clear.