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Hi. I bought myself wii fit a couple months ago but I started using it just recently. I use Zumba fitness 2 and Wii Step. It's really fun, but I was wondering will it really help me lose some weight. I still don't see any results, but I've been using it for 3-4 days since last week. How effective has Wii fit been for you?


Hello! I started Wii Fit at the end of January this year. Since then I do Wii Zumba almost every day and I absolutely love it. You can burn a lot of calories if you put a lot of effort into every move. But first you have to learn steps because if you struggle with the dance steps, then you won't burn much because you will be missing the moves. Fortunately Wii Zumba does have a part for you to learn the dance steps. Also, besides Zumba I'm using Aerobics, usually for 5-10 minutes at the beginning of my routine, then Yoga, Island run, Super Hula Hoop or sometimes even Expert Boxing. Wii Fit works. I have lost almost 20 lbs. I'm sure you'll see the results if you follow instructions and put a lot of effort into it. Good luck!