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I have weak, brittle nails that break before they grow past my finger, either that or they bend. They have white dry areas in some places and they are very thin. I heard somewhere that there is this oil that you put on your nails, and it nourishes them, strengthens them and helps them grow.

Anyone know what this is and where I could get it?


You might be talking about cuticle oil. This is available at most any chain drug store and also at beauty supply stores. One of the products I like best is made by CND called "Solar Oil." THis is a top quality cuticle oil which contains, among other things, Jojoba oil. This oil is especially helpful for keeping your nails well moisturized because it's molecules are small enough to penetrate the nail plate entirely. But, just about any good quality cuticle oil will work. You can also use straight Jojoba Oil, vegetable oil, almond oil, or even olive oil with pretty much the same results. Also, use a moisturizing hand lotion after each time you wash your hans, or get them wet. And try to wear cotton lined rubber gloves when your hands will be exposed to water and/or liquid household cleaning chemicals for a prolonged period of time. This in itself will help immensely.
For the cuticle oil, simply apply a couple of drops onto the cuticle area on all your nails, and gently massage the oil into your cuticles, and into your naills too. Do this 2-3 times a day - every day. It will take some time before you notice any real differences, about 3 weeks or so. But the secret is to keep using it every day for best results over the long term.
You say that your nails are weak, and brittle? One of the most often found causes of this condition is prolonged exposure to water. Water is a very damaging chemical and each time you subject your nails to it, they react by swelling since they are porous and readily absorb liquids, including water. Then - when they dry, they shrink back to their normal size. Over time, and with repeated and prolonged exposure your nails will become weak and brittle from this. Another common reason this happens is by not eating well balanced meals, and by not drinking enough water every day. In other words, your nails may be lacking both hydration and nutrients thay need in order for them to stay strong and healthy. If this is the case, try to eat better, and always drink sufficient amounts of water every day to keep your nails - and your body, well hydrated. Eating well balanced meals, and drinking enough water is a win-win situation. Everyone can benefit from their doing these two, simple things in life. It's not only good for your nails, but it benefits your entire body in many, many ways.
There is also one other thing you can do in the meantime while your nails get healthy again. And that is to use a good quality nail strengthener. But, beware of the formulas which contain formaldehyde as this will dry out your nails over time, and defeat it's own purpose. So, only use as necessary until the problem had resolved itself, then stop using it. If you, at some point later on find that you are getting weak and brittle nails again, you may begin re-using the strengthener until it's once again resolved itself. I emphasize the use of top quality nail products at all times. There are a lot of different products made for nails made by lots of different companies. Not all of them are good, and some are excellent. If your budget allows for it, try not to skimp on quality due to the cost. I'm not saying that you have to get the most expensive brand, but try to avoid the cheapest brands if you can.
I hope this helps!