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My son is 13 months old & about a month ago his big toe nail went black and started coming away from the nail bed/cuticle area, I thought ah c**p maybe he dropped something on it or bashed it, but as he seemed fine I left it alone. Now he has another loose toe nail & 3 loose finger nails, these however are not black, they are just a pasty white colour along the nail bed & are lifting up slightly, with a few flicks I'm sure they could come off but I am not touching them, it groses me out lol. Should I be concerned and take him to the doctors or could it just be brittle nails that he will grow out of?


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It sounds like it could be a nail fungus. Your doctor could tell for sure.

I got it in my toe nails about 40 years ago. My doctor at the time wouldn't treat it. He said he never heard of anyone dying from a nail fungus. My current doctor won't do anything either. He says it's not worth the cost because it usually comes back shortly anyway.

Considering his age and the fact it's affecting his finger nails, I think it's worth asking.

It may not be that at all, so I would certainly ask about it.