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I am 16 years old and can only pull half my foreskin back. What I mean by that is one half can be pulled back fully (top half) and the bottom half only half way. It appears to be constrained by a fleshy string.
It has been like that for ~five years.
It is painful if pulled as far back as possible when erected.


Hi 'Guest'

That 'fleshy string' is likely to be your frenulum, it is a natural part of the penis.

It sounds like yours may be too short to allow a full retraction. You could look into a frenuloplasty, where a small cut is made in the frenulum to make it longer. Its a small operation, usually done under a local anaesthetic so isn't anything to really worry about.

However, it could be that it is just a tight foreskin. Often this can be disguised as a short frenulum. During these five years have you been doing any stretching exercises?