Hi, I am new to this and am reaching out now for anyone who can offer advice or help to me. I was born with only my left lung and heart on my right side with a hole in in that was repaired. When I was in preschool I had a small bowel obstruction due to all the excess scar tissue I had blocking everything up. And again I went into surgery. After all that at 26 years of age I lead a pretty normal life except that in middle school I was told I had scoliosis. Nothing was ever done like braces or anything by the doctor and now I am in more pain then ever. I went to several back doctors who've done MRI's showing that because of my scoliosis the empty cavity on my right side,the ribs on my right are being crushed and fractured slowly. But to my dismay they never offer any help and say I will just be bent over completely by the time I'm 40! As you would expect this is always upsetting news and I can't help but to get angry because I feel like nobody will help me. So I'm on here for any leads on what I can do or who I can see to get me some relief in life during to my severe back pain. Thank you, KRISTIN