When I was in 7th grade at 12 years old I was told my knees didn't line up there for I had to get an x-Ray to check for scoliosis. Turns out I do have scoliosis so we had to go to a specialist, he said it was curved the wrong way and had to send me for a MRI which showed I had brain tissue blocking my spinal fluid going beside my spine causing it to curve. They sent me in to another person who happened to be a neurosurgeon and now the bills start adding up, he said I had to get it removed and would have a patch put in. My family prayed my back would go straight after the surgery but I developed chemical Meningitis and had to be treated. All though I healed fast from the surgery my back didn't get straight. So I had to be a back brace which was made of fiber glass. I went through a form of depression I didn't want to talk to anyone or be anyone's friend cause I got laughed at when I told someone who I thought was my friend. I had to wear huge clothes to cover it and told no one after this. 8th grade I hardly wore my brace I wore it to school to make my parents think I wore it and took it off at the nurse put it in before my last hour and wore till I got home took it off then put it on before bed, told my nurse that my doctor didn't need me wearing it that much. No one knew and my back got worse when it was getting better from wearing it. I'm not in 9th grade and still don't wear it at school just at night.I'm the type of person that'll take pain in the future for embarrassment now, I'm super nervous that he'll say I still have to wear it to school and I'm praying God isn't mad about me not wearing it and let's me not have the "required" hours so much