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My mom, age 70, is suffering from COPD for few years now and it has gotten progressively worse, but she still kept herself as active as she can be. After she started experiencing even more problems with getting out of breath and COPD was ruled out as the cause, her cardiologist ordered an angiogram which showed that her heart was functioning at 30% due to the artery blockage. He is now suggesting that she undergoes triple bypass surgery and honestly, we’re afraid. It’s an open heart procedure and with COPD, even the cardiologist says there is a risk. I’d be very thankful for any experience or advice on what could we expect even in the best case scenario. Will the triple bypass give her better life quality, or is the surgery at this point just too big of a risk?


Hello, Guest.  I would believe the heart surgery, triple bypass would benefit your mother greatly as with the arteries being re-routed, her heart and the rest of her body will get more blood and oxygen to them and she will feel like a new person.  I know you said there is a risk.  All surgeries carry a risk so this operation would be no different.  If her heart is only 30% functioning, she really will benefit from the surgery.  She is 70, which isn't really that old, and she has quite a few years left if she recuperates from the surgery without any complications.  I would say that she should go with the triple bypass surgery.  She may have a new lease on life because of it.