Okay so me and my boyfriend have used the pull out method and to what we knew it had worked just fine, he never came in me or had a lot of pre cum at all, but my last period was May 1st-7th my cycle is usually 28-31 days and yes my period switches every 3 to4 months by a few days (aprox 4 days), but it's now June 11th and i was expecting my period around the 3rd that means in 8 days late

according to my "My Days" application my high fertility days were May13th -May 17th with Ovulation on the 18th of THOSE days we had sex on the 16th and 17th

(We also had sex other days withing the month)

and for a week now i just don't feel right... i have cramps and pain as if im getting my period and i go but nothing just discharge.... i feel almost as if my body wanted to take it out, but found nothing to take out Ive take several test with the last one being yesterday (a week from my missed period)

I used the early result test from First Response which is supposed read at 25mIU but up to now nothing!! still showed a VERY BOLD NEGATIVE!

So, basically now im just like okay if it's negative then where is my period? I've been taking pain killers ( aspirin and tylenol) If i am I HOPE that doesn't hurt the baby ive also been drinking warm tea and applying warm pads to my tummy to see if that would ease maybe a held up period

what are the possibilities that's its something else.... Or that maybe I didn't ovulate when I thought? or the posibilities of actually being pregnant and still get negative results

Pain is really bad sometimes like last night....

My nipples are sensitive.... I am tired and very moody and sentimental

I am under some stress and my diet has become more and more unhealthy

Thank you for your time i hope you guys can help.....

Ill keep you update!

I have two other test which ill probably try either sun or monday if no sings of period by then