Ok here's the situation:

My boyfriend and I use condoms religiously. We never have sex without one and we have no reason to believe any of the condoms broke or tore. I recently treated a UTI/yeast infection combo last month so we didn't have sex nearly as much as we usually do. I started spotting a week before my period was due, which is totally typical for me as my period ranges from 23 days to 31 days. It usually begins with brown spotting and that's what I had this time; however, I haven't had any red blood yet. I've been feeling mild cramps for days, but I usually have a day of heavy cramping then heavy menstruating. I took a pregnancy test first thing this morning and it was negative. I haven't had any other symptoms (breast tenderness, increased peeing, cravings, etc.). I fell asleep around 7:30 pm last week, which is unusual for me, but it only happened one night and I figured it was because I got home at midnight the night before. Honestly we are not ready to have a kid yet so I'm freaking out. Should I wait a little longer before I see a doctor? I told him if I don't get my period by the end of the week I'm calling for an appointment.