I need to figure out if I was having ovulation symptoms or pregnancy....

This past month I had unprotected sex for a few minutes before my partner put a condom on. It was the day after my period ended so I thought I would be safe.

I travelled this past weekend and I started feeling nauseous (thought it was due to motion sickness) however... the nausea has been continuous, coming in waves for the past 5 days. My breasts have been tender, I even noticed the little white bumps on my areolas getting bigger.

On the day i was supposed to ovulate (2 days ago) I experienced some cramping and got clear sticky cm like you are supposed to get during ovulation. I also had some of that the day before as well.

I'm also getting kind of dizzy... my temp is 98.1.

I really would be shocked if I were pregnant, but the symptoms are telling me I am. I'm freaking out... do not want to be pregnant right now.

Anyone who has any good knowledge, please help!!! Too early for me to test for pregnancy. :-/