Hi ok an addict plain and simple. I've been clean for about a year up untill recently. Today I thought that I wasn't going to be able to get my oxy delivery so since I was already starting to hurt I took an 8 mg suboxone. After that low and behold here come my drugs. I figured screw it if I take enough I will still get high considering 8 mg of sub isn't much and I took about a 120mg of oxy. Now I'm wondering if I am even gonna get high? To ensure some sort of high I also took about 3 mg Xanax cause that usually gives me a nice buzz on any opiate. But does anyone know if I will feel the oxy should I take more? Not looking for any preachers I lived the clean life and I'm taking a break. I got plenty of suboxone when I want to go clean again. Anyone with some past experiences would help.