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Hi! I am 23 and lost my virginity to my husband. The first time was painful, and it bled but I guess thats normal. My problem is, it still hurts. We had sex like seven times since and everytime he enters me, it is painful, but after he is inside the pain goes away. How long will it take for the pain to go away?? Is there something wrong or is it normal?


1. Your hymen isn't all the way broken.
The hymen doesn't always "pop" at once. It can tear bit by bit. You may be doing that.

2. You aren't aroused enough.
When you become aroused your vagina widens/lengthens to provide more space for a penis. Try lengthening foreplay

3. You aren't wet enough.
This may be because of your body or not enough foreplay like above. Use added lubrication (KY, Astroglide, etc)

4. You're going to rough.
It's normal to be a bit sore after rough sex.