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I am a 34 year old female. Back in 2003 had a physical and some blood work done. Everything was fine. Couple of weeks later started to feel pain in right side. Shortly after , I lost my brother to murder and for a long time I felt no pain on my side. Recently in the past few months, I have been experienceing the pain again in my side. I have also started burping alot, with little to no reflux and trouble peeing. I have to go suddenly, then when I do, it is a thin stream that I basically have to push out.
When I drink appple cider vinegar with grape juice ,the pain in my right side goes away for a day or too. But this time , the pain in my lower back is not going away and the burping is still constant. Also, when i am having pain in my right side, if I lay on my left side, it feels like someone is grabbing what ever is under the rib and pulling on it. I had my appendix out when i was 11.


This definitely sounds abnormal. The fact that the apple cider vinegar helps you probably signifies a digestive issue, since apple cider vinegar helps with digestion of food.

I'd see a doctor soon. You want to get tested and see if there's something wrong.